YouTube SEO: How To Get More Views To Your Videos

YouTube SEO: How To Get More Views To Your Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine and processes billion searches a month. It’s actually bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined.

Being free of charge and a source of endless traffic, YouTube became one of the favorite places for entrepreneurs to advertise their offline and online business. Lots of people promote affiliate products, MLM business opportunities, their own products or everything that can make them money, by uploading videos on

The easiness of attracting traffic and make sales without paying a penny for advertising has enticed also a lot of newbies that thought they can make a fortune online by throwing a quick video online with an affiliate link in its description.

Yet, the reality is other. It’s not enough to shoot a video, upload it on YouTube and to make thousands of dollars without any additional work (except if it becomes viral).

If you want to have a lot of views to your YouTube videos you need to even have a lot of subscribers or to do some additional work in order to optimize your videos to be displayed better in the search results.

This post is designed to give you some tips about YouTube SEO, how to optimize your videos to appear better in the search results and therefore get more views to your YouTube videos.

Optimize The Title and Description of Your Videos

Youtube seo video no title

This is something very important but sometimes ignored. Some people wonder why they don’t get any views to their YouTube videos although they leave the default video title and do not write any description (or place only an affiliate link in the description area).

You need to have a keyword in mind even before uploading the video and you need to place that keyword both into the title of your video and also multiple times inside the description.
You can do your keyword research using Google Keyword Planner and YouTube KeyWord Tool.

-> How To Choose a Good Title For Your Video

If you don’t set a title for your videos, YouTube will automatically try to make a title from the name of the file you upload. You don’t want your video to end up with a title like in the picture above.

Let’s assume you want to optimize your video for “Youtube SEO” keyword.

A GOOD title would be:
YouTube SEO: 5 Tips To Optimize Your Videos

As you can see, I’ve only added the keyword once and at the beginning of the title.

A BAD example of title would be:
Optimize YouTube SEO, YouTube SEO, SEO, YouTube Videos SEO

That is called keyword stuffing and it basically means that you are trying to fill the title with keywords to force YouTube to display your videos better in the search results. This is not a good practice and it’s not something liked by YouTube or Google.

I recommend you to use your chosen keyword only once in the title (preferable at the beginning, but not mandatory). If your video has a long title and you have a very short keyword (one or two words), you can use it twice.

Try to write titles that look natural and which also contain the keywords you choose.

-> How To Write A Good Description For Your Video

After the video title, the description is the element that requires direct attention. Just as you need to add keywords in the content of a page to make it appear better in search engine results, same principle applies for YouTube videos.

Add a description that contains your chosen keyword a few times. For a short description the keyword should appear less times. For a large description, the keyword should occur more times.

As an additional tip… If you promote an affiliate link and you want to receive more clicks, put the link on the first line of the description and not at the middle or at the bottom because not all people will read the description of your video.

Also, use a URL shortener service to hide your affiliate links. My favorites free services are and This way you can also track the number of clicks and their origin.

Adding Categories & Tags To Your Videos

Youtube SEO - Adding Tags To Your VIdeos

YouTube also allows you to add tags and categories to your videos.
I don’t know how much the categories and the tags weigh when it comes to displaying search results, but one thing is certain, they can do no harm.

YouTube might use the tags to display your video as a related video (and therefore get more views) after someone watch a similar video, or these may matter at least a tiny bit in search results. Anyway, it doesn’t take you too much to add a few tags and a category to your videos.

Add only relevant tags and try to think of what people will actually search for in order to get to your videos. You can make use again of the YouTube KeyWord Tool to get some inspiration for your tags.

Create BackLinks For Your YouTube Videos

Backlinks are my secret weapon to get more views and to get my videos on the top of the YouTube & Google search results.

If you know a few things about search engines and SEO you might ask yourself … Whaaat??? I need backlinks for my YouTube videos?

The answer is YES. You need to create backlinks for your videos to occupy leading positions in YouTube’s search results.

But things get better… Once you have backlinks, Google will also display your videos to the top of the results of the search engine.

Youtube videos above google results

As you can see in the above screenshot, when I search for “get backlinks for youtube” in Google, the first 3 results are links to YouTube videos.

When I inspected the backlinks of the first video that showed up ( using I got the following results.

Youtube backlinks check

Keep in mind that these backlinks were found only because a direct link to the video’s page was found on those pages. Google & YouTube also count the number of pages that video was embedded on.

The easiest and fastest way to get YouTube Backlinks

Of course, the easiest and fastest way to get backlinks for your YouTube videos is by buying them. Fortunately, it will not cost you a fortune because there are places like Fiverr.

Just register an account, type backlinks in the search form and look for someone with a good rating that sells high PageRank backlinks for a good price. I wouldn’t advise you to buy a high number of backlinks, and instead of going for quantity, go for quality.

You can also buy some social bookmarks, likes, shares, comments, etc. because these will also help your video rankings. However, make sure first that the seller has a good rating and won’t send you bots.

A similar website to Fiverr is SEOclerks. SEOclerks is a marketplace dedicated only to SEO services and the prices are close to Fiverr (more or less).

You might wonder if it’s safe to buy backlinks…

It’s definitely not a good idea to buy backlinks for your website or blog because you will be penalized by the search engines. YouTube is already an established, high authority website with billions of backlinks and generating backlinks for your video pages will only help your videos ranking.

The quality of the backlinks does not matter so much. Of course backlinks from .edu, .gov or backlinks from high authority sites are better, but even poor quality backlinks are better for YouTube videos than no backlinks at all.


I hope I’ve given you some valuable tips on how you can improve the SEO of your YouTube videos and how to get more views.

Written by Marius Enache

Marius is a programmer and internet marketer and is the founder of He has over 4 years of experience working with WordPress, SEO and web design. In February 2014, started his way to internet marketing industry.

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  1. Firstly i want to thanks for this awesome tutorial.

    I want to personally as which is best working site for youtube video backlinking..?? (Free & Paid)

  2. Bilal says:

    I always put more focus on adding tags and categories. I always create worth watching videos but do not get much views, may be due to weak backlinks….Anyways, nice article from your side!

  3. good tutorial

  4. Salina Bell says:

    Very effective info. Actually by following anyone can increase real viewers, likes and subscriber.

  5. Arbaz shaikh says:

    Hello Marius Enache Very use full article.
    Can you suggest me some good ways to create backlinks for youtube?

    Thank You!!

    • Marius Enache says:


      I think buying backlinks from Fiverr or SEOclerks are the easiest way of getting backlinks for your YouTube videos.

  6. Jacob Smith says:

    cant we create backlink through free backlink tools available?

    • Marius Enache says:

      You can create backlinks for YouTube with any backlinking tool that you can put your hands on 🙂

      YouTube is not too picky about the quality of the backlinks.

      A video with low quality backlinks should rank better than a video with no backlinks at all (supposing that both are using the same title, description, tags and uploaded at the same date).


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