Written by Marius Enache

Marius is a programmer and internet marketer and is the founder of Marketingshot.com. He has over 4 years of experience working with WordPress, SEO and web design. In February 2014, started his way to internet marketing industry.

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  1. Firstly i want to thanks for this awesome tutorial.

    I want to personally as which is best working site for youtube video backlinking..?? (Free & Paid)

  2. Bilal says:

    I always put more focus on adding tags and categories. I always create worth watching videos but do not get much views, may be due to weak backlinks….Anyways, nice article from your side!

  3. good tutorial

  4. Salina Bell says:

    Very effective info. Actually by following anyone can increase real viewers, likes and subscriber.

  5. Arbaz shaikh says:

    Hello Marius Enache Very use full article.
    Can you suggest me some good ways to create backlinks for youtube?

    Thank You!!

    • Marius Enache says:


      I think buying backlinks from Fiverr or SEOclerks are the easiest way of getting backlinks for your YouTube videos.

  6. Jacob Smith says:

    cant we create backlink through free backlink tools available?

    • Marius Enache says:

      You can create backlinks for YouTube with any backlinking tool that you can put your hands on 🙂

      YouTube is not too picky about the quality of the backlinks.

      A video with low quality backlinks should rank better than a video with no backlinks at all (supposing that both are using the same title, description, tags and uploaded at the same date).


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