The Marketing Tools I use To Build My Online Business

Every internet marketer needs a set of tools to build his online business.

I made a list with both free and paid tools & services that help me in my day by day business. This is what I use, and what I found to be the most suitable for me after testing various marketing tools and services.

Web Hosting

A high quality web hosting is a MUST for every marketer. If your site doesn’t load when is accessed by your visitors, you will lose traffic, potential clients and money. Stay away from the free web hosting companies and plans, because these usually load your website with ads, your site’s uptime is very poor or your website is most of the time unreachable. You cannot make any compromises when it comes to web hosting. You want your website to be hosted by a renowned web hosting company, a company with good support and fast servers.
One of the best web hosting company of this year that I recommend is Siteground.


WordPress is a powerful open source blogging platform and CMS, with a great community behind it. I use WordPress for almost all of my websites and I really love WordPress because is extremely easy to use and customize.
It’s also loved by search engines and the websites built upon it tend to rank very well in search engines results.
Besides, there are a ton of free WordPress themes and plugins that you can use to change the aspect of your site in no time and extend the core functionality of WordPress. You can basically build anything with WordPress: blogs, landing pages, membership sites, e-commerce stores, and anything you can think of.


If you are serious about your business, you need to build an email list.
In order to achieve this, you will need an autoresponder service where to store your email list and to ensure you a high deliverability of your emails. However, the role of an autoresponder is not only for storing your email list, but also to help you automate your business.
You can schedule to send emails to your subscribers when you sleep, when you are on vacation or at any time you want.
It’s very important to choose an autoresponder company which is reliable, has a track record in the business, has a good email deliverability and who offers you enough advanced options.
After I’ve tested multiple autoresponder services, I found GetResponse to best suit my needs.

Link Tracking Service

When you buy traffic, you always need to track your clicks. Otherwise, you will end up doing things blindly. Not tracking your links is one of the most common mistakes that you can do as a beginner.
If you don’t track your traffic sources, countries, the cost per click, cost per subscriber, keywords and so on, you will find impossible to scale up your PPC campaigns, you won’t know which solo ad seller has sent you high-quality traffic and who sent you bot traffic, which one of your campaign has a positive ROI and where your conversions came from.
A reliable link tracking service is required if you want to make a career from internet marketing and you should ALWAYS track your links.
There are multiple services for link tracking, but my favorite is ClickMagik.
ClickMagic offers you a ton of options and various stats about your traffic, it’s easy to use and has a lot of tutorials on how to integrate it with your pages.

Google KeyWord Planner

Google KeyWord Planner is my number one free tool of researching keywords. It’s very handy when you perform a niche research when you are looking for specific keywords to rank your blog posts. Google KeyWord Planner is free and very effective.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free but very powerful service from Google. Google Analytics allows you to see how people are finding your site, their location, what the most popular of your sites are, see in real-time who is currently online on your website, and a lot more options. It’s very easy to integrate with your website and will give you a lot of insights about your traffic.


I use Fiverr whenever I need something outsourced.
Fiverr it’s an online marketplace for people who are providing services in exchange for a small fee (usually $5 or more). It’s my “go-to” place when I need anything outsourced.

On Fiverr, you can get all kind of work done much cheaper than on the freelancing sites.

I’ve used the services of a few Fiverr sellers for tasks like proofreading, voice overs, video creation & editing, YouTube backlinks, etc.

There are a lot of people willing to do the job for a small price and there are many people with different skill sets.