How To Make Money Online For Free

How To Make Money Online For Free

Day by day more people realize the potential of Internet. People are getting tired of working 8 hours or more per day for a boss that they can’t stand. Their desire of getting more control over their lives and their free time drive them to start searching for a way to make money from home.

The great majority of them start with a simple search in one of the search engines: “how to make money online”. I say this from experience because I’ve also started this way.

After reading a lot of discouraging blogs that tell you that you need to have a set of special skills to make money online, all programs are scams, or you need to invest a crazy amount a money into a certain program, many of this people reject the idea of making money online and then continue their daily routine.

Some of these people are students, mothers, pensioners, unemployed, or ordinary people trying to make some additional money. While some of them start with the mentality of not investing any money and get rich overnight, there are some of them that simply are broke or in debt.

The truth is that you don’t need special skills to make money online, you don’t have to invest large amounts of money and not all the programs and opportunities are scams. You only need to do your research and to find those programs that really pay you. To save you from the work I’ve made a list of a few programs that do not require any investment.

Below, in this post you’ll find a few methods that teach you how to make money online for free. Take them as a starting point for your online journey.

Note that you won’t get rich overnight! Making money without investment usually require time and effort. Also, I cannot guarantee that you’ll make a certain amount of money or any money whatsoever. Your earnings will vary depending on the time you put into each program, will vary from program to program, and will vary depending your mindset and your determination to make money online and work from the comfort of your home.

1) Blogging

I recommend blogging to everyone who start his online journey. Not only that you can start a blog without any investment, but you can also use your blog to create a brand.
If you want to become an internet marketer is very important to brand yourself and having a blog is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.
Besides, if you learn a few things about SEO and optimize your blog posts, you can get a lot of free traffic from the search engines.

It’s not mandatory to start with a domain name and a paid hosting. If you have no money, you can start with a blog on a free blogging platform. The most popular are: Blogger and

You can monetize this traffic through various ways:

– Sell affiliate products

Affiliate marketing consists in selling other people’s products. There are multiple online marketplaces where you can find products to sell. The one that I personally use are: ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus.
If you are a beginner I would recommend you to start with ClickBank because there you don’t need to ask seller’s permission in order to promote his products.
Both JVZoo and WarriorPlus require seller’s approbation before you can promote a product listed there.
Sellers can see your number of previous sales in that marketplace and if you’re just getting started you’ll have no sales. Therefore, some sellers will deny your request to promote their products.
Yet, JVZoo and WarriorPlus have an advantage over ClickBank and that advantage is that you can get instant commissions into your PayPal account each time you make a sale. ClickBank will put your commissions on hold until a time will pass before will send your commissions to your bank account or your credit card. JVZoo also has an option that any seller can delay your commissions until a specific period passes.

– Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an ad network that you can use to monetize your blog. Your site will need to comply to some specific terms in order to be accepted in this program.

You will display the ads provided by Adsense on your blog and each time someone clicks an ad, you’ll earn a small commission. These commissions varies based on a few factors. The most important are the niche of your website and your visitor’s location. You will also get a commission when an add reaches 1000 impressions (page views), regardless of clicks.

– Sell Amazon Products

If you have for example a fashion blog, a blog for technology enthusiasts or a blog in a sports niche where you can recommend physical products to your readers, you can enroll in Amazon’s affiliate program (Amazon Associates). Amazon doesn’t pay you a very big commission per sale, but if you promote some very expensive products, you can earn a fat commission from a single sale. Even more, even if someone accesses Amazon via your affiliate link but he doesn’t buy the product that you’ve recommended, but he buys another product from Amazon within 24 hours, you will still earn a commission from the product that he purchased.

– Sell advertising space

Another way to monetize your blog is by selling advertising space.
If you have a decent amount of traffic, you can sell banner ads on various locations of your blog. This method is similar with Google Adsense, but you can decide your own price for a specific banner size, position and time frame. You can also use a service like BuySellAds to manage your ads and to find more customers.

There are a lot of other ways to monetize your blog but I won’t cover all of them here because this post would be very long. I’m sure you already understand by now how valuable a blog can be.

2) Providing Services On Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people provide services for as low as $5. Don’t get scared by the term “provide services” because you don’t have to have a degree for that. You can sell all kind of services, even some that you’d think you’d not make any money with.

You’ll find sellers on Fiverr that supply a full range of services, from professional services to some very funny or weird things.

A few example of what people are selling on Fiverr, services that do not require any skills:
– Video testimonials
– Send a video message using a puppet
– Writing messages on different surfaces
– Audio voice overs
– Write articles of 300-500 words
– Posting flyers
– Writing messages on body
– Pet modeling
– Offering relationship advices
– Writing poems
– Hand drawings
– Making funny voices
– Make your ex jealous
– Data entry
– Virtual assistant
– Translations
– Proofreading
And a lot more.

So, even with no skills, you can find something to sell on Fiverr.

It’s free to register your account, and it doesn’t cost you anything to list your services (gigs) there. You won’t probably get rich with Fiverr (unless you come up with a unique gig with high demand), but is a start point if you haven’t made any money online so far. You can make a few bucks here and then invest these funds in a domain name, a web hosting, advertising, etc.

3) PTC Sites (paid to click)

Most of the internet marketers will tell you to stay away from PTC sites because they are usually a waste of time. I totally agree, these sites can be a waste of time.

However, there are a lot of them, and a lot of people are still using them and this can only mean one thing; there are people that are making some money using them.

How PTC sites work?

The PTC websites are offering cheap advertising services. It’s not the best traffic because this traffic is incentivized traffic, but when you only need some quick hits or a large number of visitors in a short time, they can become very handy.

If you are only clicking ads, you’ll probably make only a few dollars per month because the PTC sites usually pay you very low for click.

The best way to make money with this kind of websites is to refer other people. You will earn a commission each time a person referred by you clicks an ad. If you have a bunch of referrals, these commissions will raise.

It’s not easy to refer other people if you are just getting started online, but you can use traffic exchange sites to advertise your referral link for free. I can’t tell you that you’ll get a lot of referrals from traffic exchanges because you might get only one or two per month or none.

I can recommend the following traffic exchange sites:

1) EasyHits4u

This is another high-quality traffic exchange site.

You can choose to surf sites at a 2:1 ratio (15 sec) or at a 1:1 ratio (20 sec). I advise you to choose the second option because the visitors will stay 5 seconds more on your website and you’ll also get traffic exchange credits faster, even though you need to wait 5 seconds more.

3) Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar is another traffic exchange site that I use. It has a nice ad bar feature that enables you to earn points for the traffic exchange without clicking other people’s links. So, in order to earn advertising points in traffic ad bar you can even manually surf other people’s websites or you can promote the link to an ad bar (it will open the website you want to advertise with an ad bar at the bottom of the page) and earn points each time someone visits that link, or both.

You will also receive 100,000 free points after joining.

There are some traffic exchange sites which have the option to allow you to use promo code to get some initial points, banner or text ad impressions. You can look for promo codes using this website.

Another way to advertise your referral links for free is using safelists.

Safelists are a similar form of advertising to traffic exchange sites, but instead of opening sites directly to earn traffic exchange points, with safelists you need to open emails and click on the links inside them to earn points. Again, just like traffic exchange sites, safelist traffic is incentivized traffic and you’ll need to be patient and consistent before seeing results.

I’ve tried a few safelists and I had the best email open rates with the following two:

1) BakeryMailer

2) Almighty Safelist


You can also search for forums like TalkPTC, where you can find people that are interested in this kind of websites. You can exchange referrals or offer people different incentives to join a PTC site via your affiliate link.

I’m not telling you to create an account there and start spamming the forum with your referral link because you’ll certainly get banned and you’ll get no referrals. Read forum’s rules, add your affiliate links in your signature and only advertise your links where you are allowed.

Once you learn how PTC sites work, you can start a free PTC related blog and write tips and tutorials on how to make money with PTC sites. There will always be new people looking for tutorials and guidance.

If you are not afraid to show on camera, you can also make YouTube videos and place your referral link in video’s description.

Which are the best PTC sites?

I don’t know which are the best PTC sites (you can easily Google them), but below are a few very popular ones.

1) ClixSense
2) Buxvertise
3) PaidVerts

4) Make Money With Online Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are another way to make a little extra sum of money working from home.
You can get paid for simple tasks such as reviewing products, playing games, watching online videos, registering websites, etc.

You need to do a little research before joining a new site because there are a lot of scams and a lot of them that don’t pay. Be careful when you disclose personal information and stay away from poorly designed websites, sites that require too personal information, sites that require you to pay for signing up or sites which claim to make you rich.

I personally never tried to earn money online with paid surveys, but I’ve heard that some people are making money with them.

Here‘s a list of the top 20 online survey sites from

5) Write Ebooks & Kindle Books

If you like writing you can create your own ebooks & kindle books and sell them on Amazon.
The ebooks and Kindle books are in high demand and even if they are not very expensive, if you manage to sell a lot of copies you can make a lot of money. You don’t have to find sellers on your own because that’s Amazon for.

You should know that there are ebooks and Kindle authors that made millions online.

You don’t need to be an expert in a certain field to write an ebook. You can write fiction, write down your personal story, etc. You can basically write about anything.

Here are a few tips on how to become a Kindle book author and start selling your work on Amazon.

6) Create Affiliate Niche Sites

This is similar to blogging but instead of writing a blog, you can create various niche sites. You can start with a free blogging platform like Blogger or and when you make some money you can use them to purchase a domain name and a web hosting.

Learn a few things about SEO and how to optimize your site to get free traffic from search engines.

Join Amazon’s affiliate program and choose a niche with enough demand but in the same time something that you can rank for in search engines results. More sub-niches are not yet saturated.

Write reviews and unique descriptions for the products to help your site to rank better.

These are just a few methods that you can apply to make money online without investing anything. You won’t get rich overnight, and it’s not easy to make money online for free, but if you start something and if you stay consistent, you should see results.

Test things, find something that you like to do and stick to it until you make your first dollar online.

I will update this list from time to time and add more programs and ways that allow you to earn money online without any investment.

Written by Marius Enache

Marius is a programmer and internet marketer and is the founder of He has over 4 years of experience working with WordPress, SEO and web design. In February 2014, started his way to internet marketing industry.

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  1. Lisa Edwards says:


    I just finished reading your review on Global NPN which you wrote last June. At that time you were not a Gold Member & were just getting started I assume.

    What’ this program like now that you’ve had a chance to get involved? Do you find it’s difficult to sponsor others into this? Are the majority of their members earning a decent income?
    Any feedback you can send my way on NPN would be appreciated.

    • Marius Enache says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m not a member of Global NPN anymore now in 2016. Global NPN it’s a great program, but I was involved in too many programs at the same time and I had to quit a few of them, Global NPN being one of them.


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