How I Got Over 1636 Referrals Mostly For Free

How I Got Over 1636 Referrals Mostly For Free

In my latest posts, I talked about the benefits of starting your own blog and how to start a blog.

Today, I want to tell you how I was able to get over 1636 referrals and build my downline in multiple programs since June 2015, without chasing my friends and family, without talking with people on the phone, without any previous experience in recruiting, without an email list and without spending huge amounts of money on paid advertising. In fact, I got about 95% of these referrals with free traffic.

Even though 1546 probably sounds good and is a high number for some people, 1636 is only a sum of my referrals from the accounts I still had access to at the time I wrote this post. The total number is a bit higher and is somewhere around 1700.

Of course, not all the persons have become paid referrals, but I still earned some nice commissions from the people who got involved in those programs. I know I could probably have convinced more of the free referrals to join the business if I would have put a bit more effort, but I guess I was just too lazy for that.

I do not promote these programs anymore, so please don’t ask me additional info or my referral links. Most were revenue-sharing advertising programs, but this business model has been proved not to be very sustainable and eventually, I stopped promoting them (even so, even today, I’m still earning commissions from the few ones that still work).

The proofs

Below are some screenshots from a few of my accounts.
I’m not posting these to brag, but to give you a proof that I’m not talking nonsense.

my paying ads referrals

fort ad pays referrals

beonpush referrals

traffic monsoon referrals

4corners referrals

trafficncash referrals

hqrevshare referrals

These screenshots are not from all of my accounts, but should be just enough to give you a proof that I know what I’m talking about.

Anyways, enough with my story. If you are here, you probably want to know how I did this and learn how to get referrals for your own business following the same process.

Well, if you want to find out how I managed to get this kind of referrals, you need to purchase my $97 course…

Just kidding, you don’t have to buy anything so put your credit card away. I don’t want your money today 🙂

The way I made about 80% from my referrals is by blogging. The next 15% is was built with free social networks traffic and only about 5% from paid advertising.

I know, you are now probably like…

What? No magic formula? The same old ways of getting referrals that everyone else is already talking about?

Sorry for disappointing you, but there’s no magic formula for getting thousands of referrals overnight. Or it may be one, but I haven’t found it yet, so if you find one and you want to share it with me, you are more than welcome 🙂

If you are still here, you now probably think that I had a colossal blog with a lot of traffic if I got like 80% from of my referrals from my blog.

To calm you down, the answer is … NO. I didn’t have a big blog from the content point of view and I didn’t have a blog with a large volume of traffic.

The secret actually lies in traffic’s quality and not its volume.

You can have a blog with tens of thousands of people, but that would be useless if your traffic is not targeted towards your niche.

One of the main reasons why the most people hesitate to start a blog is that they don’t have the time to create a lot of content and to wait for their traffic to grow. Hence the misconception that you need a blog with a lot of traffic to make a significant amount of money with it.

That’s also the case when so many so called “gurus” tell you that you need a huge email list, when in fact, you can also make money with a tinier but more targeted list.

I would choose at any time a list of 1000 super targeted people instead of an email list with 100,000 people who have no clue who I am.

I can confirm that you don’t necessarily need a huge blog with a lot of traffic to earn a life-changing income from it.

Indeed, you need a very large volume of traffic if you want to make a decent amount of money from your blog and you monetize it with Google Adsense. Especially if your blog is in a cheap niche like entertainment, in your native language and you are from a third world country (like in my case).

However, the things change considerably when you monetize your blog selling affiliate products, your own products or building your downline in various programs.

In that case, you don’t need to focus on volume, but on the quality of your traffic.

So let’s get back on what was my approach and how I managed to get over 1600 referrals mostly from a blog with under 200 unique visitors per day in average.

The approach


If you had a blog or website before, you probably know that it’s not very easy to drive traffic to it, especially when your site is in an incipient phase.

I’m not going to tell you that is always easy, but sometimes it won’t be as hard as you may think, particularly when you have some knowledge about SEO and optimizing your website for search engines.

My approach was to target a few keywords related to the type of programs I was promoting and optimize some of my posts for these keywords in order to make them rank in Google’s search results. The outcome, you are now reading a post where I’m talking about how I got over 1636 referrals, so this can only mean that my strategy was a success 🙂

I also found out that the competition was very reduced for those specific keywords and it was very easy to get my website in the first results of Google. In fact, I was able to get my site ranked on Google to the first position without building any backlinks to a post optimized for “revenue sharing sites” keyword.

Despite the fact that according to the Google Adwords KeyWord Planner, there are only 590 monthly searches in average for my main keyword, my blog received just enough traffic to allow me to build a nice number of referrals for multiple similar programs.

revenue sharing sites keyword planner

blog ranking

Now you know which was my primary and the most profitable strategy. You can apply it to any business you want to promote if you find the right low competitive keywords and a good promotion angle.

Social Networks

My second strategy that helped my to get about 15% of my referrals was posting on social networks.

If you already tried to post your links in the Facebook Groups, but you haven’t got any kind of results, find out that you were probably doing it wrong.

There are so many places on the social networks where you can advertise your business for free, but simply posting your links will not work in most of the cases.


Because most of the people are doing the same thing. They get their default referral/affiliate links and post these wherever they are allowed (or worse, even where they are not allowed).
You are probably familiar with this kind of ad.

facebook bad ad

The time where you could get referrals just by posting big words and claims about your business has passed. Most of the people are now clever enough not to fall trap to the hype simply because you say your business is the best.

What differentiate your business from the companies promoted by the rest of the people who claim their business is the greatest?

The free traffic from the social networks still works, but you need to improve your approach and make things differently than the vast majority.

You need to think about what would make you join someone else’s business; What would attract you to buy a product or join a business opportunity?

In my case, the answer to the question above was “RESULTS”.

Therefore, instead of spamming my affiliate links all over the social networks, I chose to post screenshots with my achievements in the programs I was promoting.

I’m sure that everyone would prefer seeing earnings and results instead of links thrown inside the Facebook groups or your wall. And that’s not only applicable for Facebook. You can also advertise your business for free on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and so on. I have promoted my business using all of the mentioned networks, except Instagram which I will probably start using in the near future.

When you post results, people will ask you what you’re doing and how can they join your business. That’s called “attraction marketing”.
People want to get your results and they want to join under your referral link because you are now perceived as an authority since you’ve already achieved results within that business.

When you post your links, you are viewed more as a spammer, even though you have the permission to post your links inside that group.

Another approach to improve your social networks marketing is to post links to content instead your affiliate links. You can post links to your blog posts, YouTube videos, PDFs, etc. Deliver some value upfront, then include an affiliate link inside the content, under the video, inside the PDF, etc.

This way, you will achieve at least 4 things at the same time.

  1. Get traffic to your blog or YouTube videos
  2. Deliver upfront value, which will help you become an authority
  3. Build your subscriber base and returning customers
  4. Turn the cold traffic into warm traffic

When you build a relationship with people and once you are becoming an authority in a field, there is the possibility that some people will follow you in every business opportunity you promote. There were a few people who have actually joined almost every single program I have promoted.
That’s why I continuously say that “you need to become an authority and build relationships with people”.

Paid Traffic

Even though I got the great majority of my referrals using free traffic, the paid traffic is definitely an easier way to achieve faster results.

There are a lot of traffic sources that you can use to promote your business opportunities or affiliate products and there’s no such thing as “the best traffic source”. You should choose your traffic source based on your niche and what you’re promoting.
There are also paid traffic sources which are stricter regarding the niches or offers allowed for promotion. Two good examples, in this case, would be Facebook ads and Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is known to be not so “affiliate marketers” friendly and it’s more inclined to offer advertising services to the big corporations. I’m not saying you cannot use Adwords to promote affiliate products, but you’ll need a better promotion angle, without income claims and always use a landing page that fully complies with their terms.

Facebook terms are also constantly changing and becoming more stricter regarding the offers and niches you can promote using their advertising platform.

That’s the reason you should first pick an offer to promote and choose your traffic source second.

A few more permissive traffic sources that I’ve used are:

Solo Ads
As long as you find a solo ad seller that has an email list built in your niche, you should have no problems promoting almost any type of offer

You can also find solo ads sellers using the solo ads dedicated platforms such as Udimi, Clickonomy, Solo Ads Directory.

You can also find lot of solo ad sellers in the Warrior Forum Classified Ads section or in a few Facebook groups (Solo Ads Testimonials, Solo Ads Sales Testimonials, Abel’s Solo Ads Marketplace, etc. ).

Be careful with solo ads and always check seller’s reviews and testimonials, otherwise, you may end up spending your money on junk traffic.

Media Buys

A great place to find sites where you can place your banners without directly contacting the seller is BuySellAds.

Another similar platform to BuySellAds is AdHitz. Using AdHitz, you can find sites where you can put your banner for a very cheap price. The disadvantage of AdHitz is that most of their publishers are PTC sites and therefore, the quality of the traffic will also be lower.

There are also a lot of sites that allow you to buy ad space. Usually, you just need to look for an “Advertise” link in the main menu or in the footer section of the site.

There are also a lot of other places you can buy traffic from, like Native Ads networks, Bing PPC, Pinterest ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. You just need to choose your paid traffic source based on your offer.


I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to improve your promotion strategies and how to get referrals into your business.

You don’t need to chase people in order to get them joining your business. Instead, make them follow you by showing results, build a relationship with your followers, become an authority in your field and it will come a time when people will ask for your affiliate link.

Now go out there and apply what you’ve learned since it’s not enough to learn without taking action.

I appreciate my reader’s feedback and I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Written by Marius Enache

Marius is a programmer and internet marketer and is the founder of He has over 4 years of experience working with WordPress, SEO and web design. In February 2014, started his way to internet marketing industry.

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    You seems to have indepth knowlege and good experience.Great post.i found it very useful.

  2. Great article buddy! To bad no one commented on it so I will. You made some really good valid points and pretty smart for using warrior forum and not having to opt-in. As someone online as well and with a blog I enjoy learning and implementing others tactics in my online journey. Thanks for the read and feel free to connect with me anytime.

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