SEO Meta Tags & How To Use Them

What are meta tags? HTML meta tags are commonly used to specify additional information about a specific page. This data will not be displayed on page and is only visible in the source code of the page. The metadata is usually used by browsers (being indications about how to display certain content or to reload […]

Canonical URL - SEO Tips

One of the most ignored SEO aspects is URL canonicalization. Many people get confused by this term and do not really understand its purpose. In reality, it is quite simple to understand the role of this process. What is URL canonicalization? URL canonicalization refers to the process of picking the best URL when there are […]

SEO Friendly Menu

A well planned site structure improves your chances of ranking well in Google’s search results. A good structure of your website will also help your visitors to find the information they need faster and easier. An important role in the structure of your website is occupied by the navigation menu. Website navigation is important both […]

How To Choose a SEO Friendly Domain Name

Table of contents: Using keywords in domain name Best domain extensions for SEO The best domain name length Domain name with or without hyphens? Choosing a SEO friendly domain name is the first step that you need to consider when starting a new website. Whatever you try to sell or promote, your domain name will […]