zeno amazon affiliate wordpress theme

If you’re looking to make money with Amazon Associates program, but you don’t have the time and skills to build websites where to promote your affiliate links, we have the best solution solution for you. I present you Zeno, a premium WordPress Amazon theme designed to help those enrolled in the Amazon Associates program to […]

Nabia Wordpress Theme

Nabia is a Modern Blog Theme for WordPress developed by me. It has a responsive layout, built upon the Bootstrap 3 framework. The two sidebars will give your blog a modern nice look. This theme is suitable for any kind of blog, gaming, movies, review sites, etc. Nabia has a lot of settings and options […]

How to optimize site URLs for search engines

A permalink is a URL that points to a specific web page. As the name suggests, a permalink is a permanent URL and should not be changed once the page gets indexed by search engines. Permalink structure is sometimes ignored, which is a major SEO mistake. Search engines will make a difference between a website […]

How to make effective use of robots

This post is more advanced and will help you to better understand the robots.txt file. Website owners use the robots.txt file to give instructions about their site to web robots. This action is also known as “The Robots Exclusion Protocol” or REP. This process looks like this: a robot (crawler) wants to visit a page […]