A $7 Marketing System That Can Make You Thousands

A $7 Marketing System That Can Make You Thousands

Everybody loves the done for you marketing systems, right?
Or it’s just me because I’m kinda lazy … 🙂

Anyway, building your own funnels involve a lot of work. You need to have a high quality product to promote, to build websites, capture pages, sales pages, email follow ups, you need to pay for web hosting and so on… It’s a pretty scary process for a newbie.

Besides, after all the hard work, you may waste your money by sending paid traffic to a funnel that simply does not converts.

This is why I like ready-made marketing systems… No need to have your own product, you don’t waste your time to find a quality product through a pile of thousands of junk products, you don’t need to have your own website or to create sales pages and presentation videos, you don’t need to offer technical support, you don’t need to pay for web hosting, and the most important – you know that what you promote converts.

Am I the only one who sees huge advantages in these type of marketing systems or you see them too?

Anyway, today I want to introduce you to a very powerful marketing system which I recently bought. It’s only a $7 system with the potential to bring you thousands of dollars.

This system is called Lead Lightning and has been around for a while, but I never paid it too much attention until recently.

Lead Lightning delivers a ton of value for its tiny one-time $7 price, price equivalent with the value of 2 coffees.

But that’s not all! When you purchase Lead Lightning you become automatically an affiliate and you earn $6 each time someone buys Lead Lead Lightning through your affiliate link.

So, you will not only recover almost 100% of your initially invested amount with a single sale, but you’ll also own a marketing system that enables you to promote any business.

Lead Lightning Payments

Here’s Exactly What You Get For $7

A done for you marketing system

You receive a complete, high converting (tested and retested) marketing system that sells like crazy with all kinds of traffic, even with traffic from traffic exchanges, safelists, and other incentivized traffic sources.
Why it sells so good?
Probably due to its very low price point and because the massive value that delivers.

Earn A $6.00 Commission For EVERY $7.00 Buyer!

You pay a one-time fee of $7 and you can resell the system how many times you want and earn $6 commissions each time you make a sale. Your commissions are paid weekly to your eWallet.
Not too bad, isn’t it?

Done-for-You Autoresponder Campaigns

That is really phenomenal. For a product that costs $7, you get an integrated autoresponder service that will send a ready-made, high converting email follow up campaign to your leads. The emails are branded to you and are sent from your behalf.
Your leads are exclusively yours and you also have a contact manager where you can see the people who have opted-in using your capture pages.
You can choose to promote the Lead Lightning itself in the follow up or promote one of your other businesses.

Newbie Friendly

If you are someone that is just getting started in this “make money online” thing, you are most willing to face a lot of failures because you simply don’t know how to do things the right way.
When you have a system like Lead Lightning you have everything ready for you. You just need to send traffic to your affiliate link and this isn’t hard at all.

Traffic Training

As the things were not simple enough, once with Lead Lightning you receive access to an extensive training on how to generate traffic. Your back office includes a training area, which contains $100’s of dollars of free traffic training.

How Can I make Thousands Of Dollars With A $7 Marketing System?

Yes, I know you’re anxious to find out that.

Lead Lightning can be used as a standalone marketing system or as a tripwire offer for Power Lead System.

The Power Lead System is the upgraded version of Lead Lightning. It includes many more features than the Lead Lightning and opens opportunities to higher commissions. The Power Lead System is a marketing platform that provides marketing tools for online marketers. It also has a very lucrative affiliate program which has a huge potential (MLM type).

It’s NOT mandatory to upgrade to Power Lead System, but here are made the big money.

The price of Power Lead System is $30/month if you only want to use the system for personal use. If you want to also become an affiliate for Power Lead System you need to pay $53.95/month.
Again, it is NOT mandatory to upgrade to Power Lead System. You can still make a nice amount of money by only promoting Lead Lightning.

I will not go into details about Power Lead System here because I intend to make a separate review of it.


I really recommend you to get Lead Lightning if you want a done for you marketing system. You only need to send traffic to it and watch how you get leads and sales.

It’s only a one-time $7 and you can also use it to promote your other business in the follow up emails. I’m using it to promote 4 Corners Alliance Group, which is another great $18 (one-time fee) product with a very nice compensation plan.

You can see the presentation video of Lead Lightning and more details about this system here.

Written by Marius Enache

Marius is a programmer and internet marketer and is the founder of Marketingshot.com. He has over 4 years of experience working with WordPress, SEO and web design. In February 2014, started his way to internet marketing industry.

Comments (18)
  1. kenneth says:

    please how do i connect my Power Lead System with My Paying Ads and how to tie them all together

    • Marius Enache says:

      Hi Kenneth,

      You need to create a funnel (a sequence of pages connected together).

      If you’ve upgraded to Power Lead System, you can build an opt-in page + a few follow-up emails promoting My Paying Ads.

      Then, when someone enters his or her email in the email capture form on your opt-in page, you can choose to imediately redirect that person to a landing page that promotes My Paying Ads. Also that person will start receiving the emails promoting MPA automatically if you connect your opt-in form to the email follow-up (you can do that when you create the opt-in page).

      On the landing page, you can use the presentation video of MPA + your referral link, social proofs, testimonials, etc.

  2. John says:

    Hi Marius,

    Which website and which type of traffic are best for Lead Lightning?

    For website, I am referring to traffic monsoon, fortad pays, etc.

    For type of traffic, I am referring to exchange traffic, banner traffic, etc.

    Also, what is your conversion rate for sign-up and sales?


    • Marius Enache says:

      Hi John,

      I haven’t promoted Lead Lightning in particular.

      I usually promote LL with Traffic Exchange traffic or with the credits received in revshares. Of course, that is not the best quality traffic and if you promote LL with other traffic source, you will have better results.

      I do not focus on promoting Lead Lightning and that’s the reason why I don’t track the conversion rates and signups. I usually promote it when I have some advertising credits and I don’t have anything else to promote 🙂

  3. pat ray says:

    hi. can I use fort ad pays to lead lighting system as a primary in referral link b. thx pat

    • Marius Enache says:

      Hi Pat,

      Yes, if you promote the “Referral Link B”, the email follow-up will promote both Lead Lightning and also your referral link. You can promote your Fort Ad Pays referral link or any other link that you want to promote.

  4. Gobind singh says:

    can i change second site later to promote it in lead lightning i.e. first i use my trafficmonsoon link then 4 corner alliance group

    • Marius Enache says:

      Yes, you can easily change that link in the backoffice.

  5. Gobind singh says:

    Hi Marius is lead lightining is a legitimate system. lf i bought this system it really works for me. and how many links that i can promote with this. and to get $6 commission for every sale is any another membership is required than one time $7 fee.

    • Marius Enache says:

      Lead Lightning is only a simple marketing system. In the automated email follow-up, you can choose to promote the Lead Lightning alone and earn $6 for every sale you make, or you can choose to promote Lead Lightning + a link at your choice. You can promote a link at a time.

      You only need to pay a one time fee of $7 for Lead Lightning (there’s no membership) and you can sell it for as many time as you want and earn $6 for each sale.

  6. kelly says:

    Hi Marius! I went to your link and it redirected me to this URL: http://www.mytopfunnel.com/site/index.asp?DL=441036&page=233269#what2

    There is only one link there which is the huge yellow BUY now button. How does one get to your Referral Link B?

    • Marius Enache says:

      Hi Kelly!

      When you are already a member of Lead Lightning, in the members area you will find 2 referral links (see the screenshot from my previous comment).

      The people who opt-in will receive the follow-up which promotes only Lead Lightning or Lead Lightning + a link defined by you.

      It depends which one of those referral link you promote.

      As you can see in that screenshot, my referral link A looks like this:


      And my referral link B looks like this:


      So, there are two different links which lead to the same page.

      However, when people opt-in to the page promoted with the referral link A, they will receive an email followup that promotes only Lead Lightning, while when they opt-in to the second link, they will receive an email followup that promotes both Lead Lightning and a custom referral link (in my case Traffic Monsoon).

  7. Diane says:

    Thank you Marius, that is clearer.

    By the way, thank you also for the help you gave me earlier, it is good to have a helpful sponsor 🙂

    • Marius Enache says:

      You’re welcome, Diane! 🙂

  8. Diane says:

    Hi Marius,

    I think I understand what Carlos is asking, and I would like to know the same, i.e. in your paragraph about ‘Done for you Autoresponder Campaigns’ and in the conclusion of this article you say that you use Lead Lightning (not PLS) to promote 4 Corners, therefore is it possible to join only Lead Lightning for $7 and send automated promotional emails to the list that you generate only with LL?

    Kind regards

    • Marius Enache says:

      Hi Diane!

      In the members area, you will find 2 links. If you promote your first link ( Referral Link A ) and your subscribers opt-in to that page, they will receive an automated email follow-up that will only promote Lead Lightning.

      If you promote the second link ( Referral Link B ), your subscribers will receive a generic follow-up that will promote Lead Lightning along with your primary business.

      Lead Lightning Marketing System

      I also have The Power Lead System now (the upgraded version of Lead Lightning), but Lead Lightning can be quite useful if you are low on funds.

  9. So I have a question about LPS.. Can it be used strictly as a Emailing system without all the sales for Lead Lighting and LPS?

    • Marius Enache says:

      Hi Carlos!

      I don’t understand your question very well.

      If you want an email system (like an autoresponder), you will need the Power Lead System (PLS). The Power Lead System is the upgraded version of Lead Lightning.
      I think you can purchase it directly without Lead Lightning.


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