9 Marketing Tips To Get More Sales & Improve Conversions

9 Marketing Tips To Get More Sales & Improve Conversions

This post contains some marketing tips on how to make more sales, get better conversions, make more money online and improve your reputation as an internet marketer.

1. Find a high converting offer

To make money online, you need to have a product to promote.
Either you promote your own product or an affiliate product, you need to find something in demand and with a high converting sales page.
If you don’t promote a product that sells, you’ll only waste your money on traffic without any return of investment.

   2. Promote something that you believe in

It’s very important to promote only products that you believe in. Even if you find a high converting product, but you don’t believe that product provides value, you are more willing to fail.
I know it might sound strange, but this is the truth.
When you promote a product that you believe in, you will take more action and you’ll make more sales. It’s all about your mindset.

3. Use an opt-in page and build your email list

When you just getting started you only want to make some quick money to see if it’s really possible to make money online.
Therefore, you just take your affiliate link and spread it all over the web.
This is a major mistake because you don’t build an email list.
Usually, most individuals will not buy a product the first time they see an offer. Some big internet marketers agree that some people should see that offer up to 7 times in order to take action and purchase that product.
That’s the purpose of the follow up. Once you have their emails, you can showcase them the offer a few more times.

4. Write an effective follow up

It’s not enough to throw your affiliate link in each email you send. You also need to provide value in the emails you send within the follow up. Alternate between adding value and promoting your offer and you should see some results.
Highlight the benefits that your offer will bring to your prospects.

5. Brand yourself, build relationships and authority

Brand yourself by creating a personal blog, a YouTube channel and profiles on social networks.
People want to know you, they want to know that you are a real person and they want to know your story.
When they trust you, you don’t need to chase them anymore because they will chase you to buy your products.
That’s called attraction marketing.

6. Provide value

This is something important. You need to create content that provides massive value.
It doesn’t matter if you wrote on your blog, if you make videos, tutorials, ebooks.
If your content is worthless and all you do is to promote 24-7, no one will trust you and you will be just a “sheep from the flock”.

7. Add bonuses / special offers

Ask yourself… Why someone would buy a specific affiliate product from you and not from one of your competitors?
It’s not enough to just put your affiliate link online to make sales. You need to add value to that offer.
Pack that product with a bonus. It can be anything that you think is related to what you promote and that can add up some value. You can use PLR products, your own products, a tutorial that theach people how to use that product, etc.

8. Deliver exactly what you promise

If you’re not a man of word, you’ll not make it online. Do not promise “the moon” on your sales page and only deliver a tiny piece of it. You need to deliver what you promise and overdeliver.
When you over deliver, people will trust you and they will become your repetitive customers.

9. Create teams and lead people

After you see some success online and you already build some authority, people will be interested in what you do. That’s the right moment to build your team and to lead people. Teach them what you do and how they can replicate your results.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to teach them for free. Most of the big internet marketers made fortunes from coaching others.

Share what works with your team and they will follow you.


I hope you’ll find some value in the online marketing tips above. For any additions, leave a comment below.

Written by Marius Enache

Marius is a programmer and internet marketer and is the founder of Marketingshot.com. He has over 4 years of experience working with WordPress, SEO and web design. In February 2014, started his way to internet marketing industry.

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